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Helen Xiong

Helen Xiong, about 11 hours ago

We are thankful for all of you and your fantastic posts this week! The bike rides, walks, and even time on the water were glimpses of even more great times ahead! Tomorrow is Thoughtful Thursday! Take some time to say “Thank you” to someone special. Draw a picture, do a chore, or just share appreciations here on Facebook! We sure appreciate all of you for participating in our spirit week! Let’s be thoughtful TOGETHER! #BrookwoodsBest

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Helen Xiong

Helen Xiong, about 14 hours ago

Brookwood Families, please view the video below in regards to our District's "Well Check Wednesday" health message from our District Nurse Heather Hoerth. Please feel free to contact her directly with any questions and/or concerns at 262-279-1053 or


Helen Xiong

Helen Xiong, about 17 hours ago

Although it is important we physically distance ourselves, the Genoa City Joint 2 School District is dedicated in ensuring the social and emotional needs for our Brookwood family is met. Our school counselors will be working virtually to ensure that you and your family are supported. They will be available to talk with you via Google hangouts, email, and/or phone calls. Please fill out the form below if you and/or your child(ren) would like to connect with one or both of our School Counselors: April Fitzsimmons and/or Kalyn Obry.

Reach out for help if you need it - we're in this together, Mustangs. Please also feel free to reach out directly to our Director of Pupil Services Julia Garczynski at

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