Join us for some Awesomely Messy Outdoor Fun!! This Brookwood Early Childhood Night full of fine and gross motor activities (full-body and hand-eye coordination movements). Children will play and interact with others around their age. *Open to children ages 3-5 years old -including 4K and 5K students* Parents will learn about developmental milestones in these areas. This night will happen rain or shine, but the types of activities will be dependent on the weather. Dress for the mess! A snack will be provided for the children. Register before the event to receive free fine and gross motor activity ideas for home. For questions, concerns, and/or to sign up: Kylie Warner Early Childhood Special Education Teacher 262-279-6496 #BrookwoodsBest
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Congratulations to this week's Be Brookwood winners at the elementary school! Check out the post here: These students were chosen for demonstrating what it means to: Be Kind. Be Safe. Be Responsible. Be Brookwood! #BrookwoodsBest
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FREE Family Yoga is THIS WEEK and we hope to see you ALL there! Wednesday, September 18th from 5:30-6:15 pm @BES Multipurpose Room. Check out this short video of our yoga instructor Molly Amelse leading staff through a yoga flow during our Staff Inservice’s active start. For more information, check out our Facebook link to this event: #BrookwoodsBest
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Our 1st through 3rd grade art students worked on a collaborative project inspired by quilter Corrine Sovey. Corrine is a quilter from Texas who is known for her vibrant colors and geometric shapes in her quilts. Every art student made a square for the "Community Quilt" using brightly colored triangles, rectangles, squares and 1/4 circles. Way to go, Mustangs! #BrookwoodsBest
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Elementary School Families! Stay tuned for a special announcement tomorrow! We will be drawing names of our first group of students who demonstrated what it means to Be Brookwood! Don't forget to Be Kind. Be Safe. Be Responsible. Be Brookwood! #BrookwoodsBest
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Did you know that September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month?! Check out this message from our very own Keegan Denecke on Facebook and what she has to say and the events our District has planned! We are SO happy to say that Keegan is a childhood cancer survivor! #BrookwoodsBest
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Come join in on our FREE Family Yoga Class (ages 5 and up)! This class will take place at Brookwood Elementary and is FREE to all families! September 18 / 5:30pm-6:15pm. For more information, please contact Molly Amelse:
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Our Brookwood Community Garden is coming full circle to compliment our middle school lunch program. The beans & tomatoes were sweet and our tomatillos added to our nacho/baked potato menu yesterday. Look at the beautiful fresh food we provide! Thank you to all the families who gave up time to help weed, water, and pick at the community garden. Eating well rocks! #BrookwoodsBest
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9:03 am 9/10/19 Phone and internet services are back up and running at both buildings.
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9/10/19 Due to early morning storms, internet and phone service is down at both buildings—-power at both buildings is working. *only phone and internet service is down*
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Brookwood Schools continues to demonstrate our commitment to the health and well-being of all students and families in our communities. We are fortunate to be involved with a program called Fuel Up to Play 60. Fuel Up to Play 60 is an in-school health & wellness program launched by National Dairy Council and the NFL, in collaboration with USDA empowering youth to make sustainable changes in the areas of nutrition and physical activity within their schools and communities. We are pleased to announce that the middle school received a grant of $1,100! Part of this money will be used for our Family Fun Night in January, where families have the opportunity to learn about how to keep their family physically active over the long winter months and how to fuel their bodies with various healthy foods. The other portion of this grant will be up to our students in our Physical Activity Leaders (PALS) and Wellness Group to decide how the money will be used to help revamp our recess time at the middle school! #BrookwoodsBest
over 3 years ago, Helen Xiong
Calling all elementary parents!!! Week one was great and we can't wait for a fantastic year! Has anyone's child told you what it means to Be Brookwood or that they were caught Being Brookwood? Share with us below what your child has told you about what “Be Brookwood” or what “Being Brookwood” means! #BrookwoodsBest
over 3 years ago, Helen Xiong
Despite a weird growing season, BMS Gardeners and GreenThumbs was such a success! Tell your middle school student to look for our produce at lunch time! Thanks to all those who weeded and cared for our garden all summer! Stay tuned for updates throughout the year about our next crop! #BrookwoodsBest
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Helen Xiong, our District's Director of Digital Expansion, was featured in an article: Teaching Early Elementary Tech with Games and Creativity. Check it out here: #BrookwoodsBest
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A staff divided?! NEVER!!!!! Especially not in the means of your child's education! We work hand-in-hand with one another to ensure that your child is getting the best quality education possible! #BrookwoodsBest
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Please help us welcome Mike Kouvelis who will be joining our Brookwood family from the University of Wisconsin- Whitewater where he is studying Physical Education, Health Education, and Adapted Physical Education. Kouvelis will be student teaching with Mrs. Brenek at the Elementary School for this beginning of the school year. He is originally from Fox Lake, IL and enjoys football, fishing, wrestling for the Warhawks, and coaching. Welcome to the Brookwood family, Mr. Kouvelis!! #BrookwoodsBest
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‪SAVE THE DATE!!! Join in on the fun at Brookwood Schools' Fall Festival Fundraiser on Saturday, October 19th from 11am-3pm. **More information to come! Follow our Facebook page for updates!! #BrookwoodsBest #GCJ2Events‬
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See you TOMORROW for our first day of school! BES Doors Open: 8:15 am BES K-3rd Grade Academic Times: 8:25 am - 3:30 pm BES 4K Academic Times: 8:25 am -11:05 am // 12:50 pm - 3:30 pm BMS Doors Open: 7:25 am BMS 4th-8th Grade Academic Times: 7:35 am - 2:40 pm #BrookwoodsBest
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For the past four years, Jennifer Mosansky, who is one of our 6th grade regular and special education teachers, has been our Community Zumba Instructor. Not only does she offer community classes for all ages but she has also offered various classes for our staff as well. Her love of Zumba began when she decided to offer a Zumba class for our summer school academy students. When she saw the excitement and fun the students were having —— she knew it was something that she wanted to pursue further. From there, Mosansky attended a training class in Milwaukee to become a licensed instructor! What Mosansky loves most about Zumba is that it really is for everybody! It doesn't matter if you feel like you are a "dancer" or not, or if you feel like you have no rhythm- Zumba is for YOU! As long as you are moving your body and having fun, you are doing it right! The music is so upbeat and engaging that you really can't help but move to it! She knows a lot of people feel intimidated when they see the class for the first time, but once they do it 2 or 3 times…they get over that feeling of intimidation very quickly and realize they are there to just have fun! Mosansky loves being a part of a plethora of events for our District but Zumba is one that is at the top of her list. She wants to allow everyone a chance to try it out — so she’s offering to all new participants to trial it by offering their first class FREE of charge with the mention of any of our social media posts! So you’ve got nothing to lose!! Come out to a Zumba class now!! The next class is September 5th at 6 pm at the middle school. Click the following link to view all of our Zumba classes for the month of September: #BrookwoodsBest
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Day 4 of in-service was filled with trainings; such as trainings on mandatory reporting with Child Protective Services, ALICE Reunification Training with our Genoa City Police Department and Bloomfield Genoa City Fire Department, and training on Suicide Prevention. Our district is committed to using the resources that we have to make our schools safe places for our students and families. #BrookwoodsBest
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